To apply please click here to download and complete the application form, which opens in a new browser tab. Before completing, please read and abide by the following guidance notes. Course Information 1) Open University students, please give the title and number of the module you are studying/about to study this year (e.g. DD210, Living Psychology) and not the title of the final degree (e.g. BSc Psychology). 2) Students from other universities please give the title of the degree and the year of study. Referees 1) A referee should be an adult (18 and over) who has to know you for at least 2 years and who is not related to you, not living at the same address as you, not living at the same address as another referee and not someone who whom you have given a reference for a BGOT grant. 2) You must ask permission before naming anyone as a referee and also ensure that the addresses and telephone numbers you give us are accurate. Please also ask your referee for the best times for us to phone them. If we have difficulty contacting your referees because of inaccurate or insufficient information we will not be able to process your application. Completed forms should be returned to Betty Game Opportunities Trust, 1 Drapers Way, Stevenage, Herts. SG1 3DT.

Alternatively, you can complete the application form online by completing the form below

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    We aim to ensure that all personal data is processed lawfully and fairly and is limited to what is necessary in relation to the Trust’s aims.

    All individuals need to give their consent to receive emails and communications with an option to revoke their consent at any time and information will then be deleted from our records.

    With regard to student’s applications for grants, this information will be stored for 5 years and then destroyed/deleted. Details of grants awarded is kept on an Excel spreadsheet with only applicants’ initials included and are only available to Trustees. Again this information will be destroyed/deleted after 5 years.

    The Policy will be reviewed annually.

    Patricia Milliner

    April 2019
    available to Trustees.

    Please provide any additional information