Thanks to all of you who took part in the paper quiz. Five entries (Ann Brown, Jean Boothby, Elizabeth Casely, Rodney & Virginia Cole and Christine Vincent) tied for first place, each having 64 correct answers out of a possible 65. We held a draw and the winning entry was that of Rodney & Virginia Cole. Very well done everyone, sorry you could not all win.

You may have noticed that, for some reason known only to our computer, we omitted question no. 38, so that the maximum score was 65 and not 66. 

Points of clarification:-

Question 2 – We accepted either Dave Brubeck or Paul Desmond (composer) as correct.

Question 36 – Most people put ‘Royal Flush’ but the answer we were hoping for, which fits the ‘five’ theme, was ‘quint major’. Jean Boothby was the only person to get that but unfortunately for her she missed out on another question. 

Correct answers attached.

Best wishes and please enter again next year.

EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image EPSON scanner image


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