We are pleased to announce that Virginia and Rodney were the winners of the Black and White Paper Quiz. They were the only ones to get all the answers correct. Thanks to everyone who participated and we are pleased to say we raised £126 for our funds.

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1) What’s black and white and “red” all over?! A: A newspaper

2) Brian’s farcical venue. A: Whitehall Theatre

3) Stage name of Priscilla Maria Veronica White. A: Cilla Black

4) This one had three bags full of wool. A: black sheep

5) Go to Banbury Cross to see a fine lady on this… A: white horse

6) …and Dick rode on this horse to York, so the story goes. A: Black Bess

7) Bing was dreaming of this. A: a white Christmas

8) 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington DC. A: The White House

9) This driver may have a bad reputation – undeservedly? A: white van man

10) She was the first to be posted. A: Penny Black

11) A handy, if scary, fairground attraction. A: A white knuckle ride

12) “Knock knock knock, who’s there?” A: Black Rod

13) Able to repay your debts? A: In the black

14) Including cherries, chocolate and cream, it’s yummy! A: Black Forest Gateau

15) She could believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. A: The White Queen

16) She eats her husband. A: Black widow spider

17) Not quite true.  A: A white lie

18) Can bluebirds really be seen over here? A: The white cliffs of Dover

19) On reflection, she was the fairest of them all. A: Snow White

20) Och aye, let’s dance, soldier! A: Dashing White Sergeant

21) Is there still nothing to laugh at all here? A: Blackpool

22) “Scotland Yard speaking”. A: Whitehall 1212

23) She kept an eye on media standards. A: Mary Whitehouse

24) The furry companion of Postman Pat. A: His black and white cat

25) Chocolates produced by sleight of hand, perhaps, in 1933. A: Black Magic

26) A modest claim by a soap powder Persil. A: Washes whiter than white

27) Feather Graphic with New Zealand at the bottom. See attached document. A: All Blacks

28) A good sign if one crosses your path? A: A black cat

29) This flight recorder is actually orange. A: Black box

30) Two dozen of these in a pie? Ugh!  A: Blackbirds

31) A string of musical notes graphics. See attached document. A: The Harmonious Blacksmith

32) Heavenly clothing? A: White Robes

33) It ends happily here in Austria for a musical head waiter. A: White Horse Inn

34) A decorative cover-up. A: Whitewash

35) Actually, this flag is red, white and blue. A: White Ensign

36) Going out this evening, Sir? Your outfit is ready… A: Black tie and tails

37) …while your wife may wear a Coco creation. A: Little black dress

38) James Buchanan’s blended creation. A: Black and White whisky

39) A piratical captain. A: Blackbeard

40) It has been galloping across the Berkshire Downs for years. A: The Uffington White Horse

41) A floral symbol of pacifism. A: White poppy

42) Did the Princess Royal get wet when she opened it in 2010? A: Lee Valley White Water Centre

43) Baldrick’s boss. A: Blackadder

44) Would librarians, in particular, be afraid of being in these?! A: Black books

45) Where the A1 meets the A421, luckily. A: Black Cat roundabout

46) Dendroaspis polylepis. A: black mamba

47) Anne Catherick. A: The Woman in White

48) Anna’s equine story had a happy ending. A: Black Beauty

49) A dance craze in the 1920s A: The Black Bottom

50) Drivers of these need knowledge. A: Black Cabs

51) A few of these prunes might get you up and running! A: Black-coated workers

52) This chemist sold hardware as well, before merging with Boots in 1968. A: Timothy Whites

53) A shiner. A: A black eye

54) Does a group of musical vegetables bare an optical similarity… A: The Black Eyed Peas

55) …to Rudbeckia hirta? A: Black-eyed Susan

56) Whip these with sugar for a delicious baked dessert. A: Egg whites

57) 5,4,3,2,1 – who’s in the chair? A: Richard Whiteley

58) Criminal transport. A: Black Maria

59) Did this canine have snowy teeth? A: White Fang

60) George-an furniture-maker! A: Hepplewhite


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