Birthday Quiz

This year’s Quiz was held on the actual birthday anniversary, 24 September, at Symonds Green Community Centre. It was a very enjoyable event, and made the excellent profit of £1,114.  Many thanks to all who helped in any way with the organization and to all who took part. There was a tremendous  demand for tickets and we sold out before the evening. There was no way we could squeeze any more people in. If you missed out this time, please try earlier for next year’s  Quiz, which will be held on Saturday, 29 September 2012.

Some of the teams taking part in the 2011 Quiz.

The 2011 winning team was ‘The Only Connectors’, who beat off some stiff competition to take the BGOT Challenge Cup.

Marion Ohlendorf receives the cup from Trust chairman, Mervyn Terrett

On behalf of her team, Marion Ohlendorf receives the cup from Trust chairman, Mervyn Terrett

Congratulations, Loraine

Loraine Rossati

Loraine Rossati of Pike End, Stevenage was delighted with the Commendation she received for her MSc in Leadership & Management in Public Service from the University of Hertfordshire. Loraine is a commissioning manager for NHS Lambeth and studied for her Master’s degree part-time. She was awarded a grant by The  Betty Game Opportunities Trust  towards her final year fees.

‘Thanks to the Trust’s generosity, I was able to persuade my employers to sponsor me, too, which was a great help. Studying while working full time was difficult, and I was absolutely thrilled to receive a Commendation. Thanks again, BGOT!’ said Loraine.

Grants and Income

Since our last Newsletter in August we have received over 20 enquiries. Applications are now coming in steadily. We have made two grants and are currently processing six more applications, with others in the pipeline. During the same period, thanks to the success of the Birthday Quiz and the generosity of our supporters, the Trust has received a total of £1,735. In addition, Cllr Jamie Fraser has   donated £1,000 from his Community Budget.   We extend our thanks to him and to all who have donated  money and time to help the Trust.

Serious thought at the Birthday Quiz

Our Quiz for You’

Our Quiz for you, devised by Pauline Maryan, was certainly tricky. Not everyone realised the ‘OU’ theme of the answers, so congratulations to those who did. Once again there was a tie at the top. Anne Brown and Elizabeth Casely each achieved the excellent score of 67 out of  75 and Anne, who was pipped at the post last year, won the draw. Congratulations, Anne. Commiserations, Elizabeth.

The Answers:

1. Cousin

2. When the bough breaks

3. Houri

4. The sound of music

5. Ouch

6. Mount Ararat

7. Pound Avenue

8. Roundabout

9. A cloud

10. Couch [potato]

11. Mrs Doubtfire

12. Journey’s End

13. Hard shoulder

14. Brougham

15. Precious Ramotswe

16. The parlour

17. The Famous Five

18. Bournville

19. Ghoul

20. Oubliette

21. Outlaws

22. The Houyhnhnms)

23. Courgette

24. Bourbons

25. Noughts and crosses

26. Roulette

27. Mousetrap

28. Sou-wester

29. Trevi fountain

30. A.E.Housman

31. Newfoundland

32. The Tailor of  Gloucester

33. Round Diamond

34. Louis XIV

35. Good sense of humour

36. Loudwater

37. Brouhaha

38. Tour de France

39. Endeavour [Morse]

40. The Mount

41. All Souls’ Day

42. Rounders

43. One pound

44. Double helix

45. Jane Seymour

46. Round robin

47. Plough Monday

48. Mickey Mouse

49. Housemaid’s knee

50. Odd couple

51. Peterborough United Football Club

52. Moulin Rouge

53. Rough Quest

54. Houdini

55. Pouch

56. Toupée

57. Merrythought

58. The White House

59. Choughs

60. Grouse

61. David Attenborough

62. Pirouette

63. Mousehole

64. Scarborough Fair

65. Groucho Marx

66. Mutiny on the Bounty

67. Nuffield Foundation

68. Clouds Hill

69. Bourse

70. An armoury

71. Bouquet

72. Doughnut

73. Spouse

74. Goulash

75. Double elephant

Extracts from Students’ Letters

Just a note to let you know that I have just received my results from the OU on my last year’s course, ‘The Nineteenth Century Novel’, and I passed! I have just registered for my next year’s course and am advancing into the twentieth century with ‘Twentieth Century Literature’. This is already proving fascinating… Thank you for your help with my course last year.


Thank you so much to The Betty Game Opportunities Trust for the cheque received which will go towards my fees so I can continue my studies… [OU course ‘Business Organisations and their Environments’]


Saturday  28 January 2012

The Betty Game Opportunities Trust


2.30pm – Holy Trinity Church – Parish Room, High Street, Stevenage, SG1 3HT.

After which there will be a short talk by Cllr  Carol  Latif, Mayor  of Stevenage. Some of the students who have  been helped by the Trust will tell us about their courses. Tea, coffee, cakes, photographs of previous events, time to socialise. Everyone welcome.



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